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Vegan Breakfasts Snacks Guilt Free Desserts

Dr Vie SuperFoods vegan boost desserts breakfast snack

Vegan Breakfast Snacks Boosts or Dessert?

 So delicious, you’ll never know our vegan breakfast, snacks, and guilt free desserts are naturally gluten-free snack and so very good for your body and your day!

Dr Vie SuperFoods vegan boost desserts breakfast snack

Dr Vie SuperFoods vegan boost desserts breakfast snacks naturally gluten free Uber Eats or pick up in Durban

We’ve been energizing North Americans since 2004 with our raw, no added sugar breakfast boosts, snacks, ice-creams, guilt free dessert and fitness foods.

Now available in South Africa.

Order online and pick up in Durban or have Uber Eats delivery in KZN. 

Order Online Pick Up Vegan Breakfast In Durban?

Here you go….order online, pay with Zapper and pick up at our Durban location, staffed with our amazing Deaf youth. Or scroll below to order via Uber Eats to deliver or pick up.

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan gluten free breakfast mocha empowering deaf youth

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan gluten free breakfast mocha empowering deaf youth

OR Go to Uber Eats to Order Vegan Foods?

Want our vegan breakfast delivered to your door? Or want to order from our 20 item menu? Here you go….order from Uber Eats and our driver will pick up from our  our amazing Deaf youth in Durban and deliver to you anywhere in KZN.

Dr Vie Superfoods raw vegan gluten free breakfast snacks dessert ice cream order on uber eats in KZN

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Vegan Mocha Breakfast Snack Bar On The Go

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan breakfast gluten free mocha snack order online and pick up

Vegan Breakfast?

 So delicious, you’ll never know our vegan breakfast on the go naturally gluten-free snack, Mocha Alertness is so very good for your body and your day!

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan breakfast gluten free mocha snack order online and pick up

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan breakfast gluten free mocha snack, order online and pick up

We’ve been energizing North Americans since 2004 with our raw, no added sugar breakfasts, snacks, ice-creams, dessert and fitness foods.

Now available in South Africa.

Order online and pick up in Durban or have Uber Eats delivery in KZN. 

Order Online Pick Up Vegan Breakfast In Durban?

Here you go….order online, pay with Zapper and pick up at our Durban location, staffed with our amazing Deaf youth.

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan gluten free breakfast mocha empowering deaf youth

Dr. Vie Superfoods vegan gluten free breakfast mocha empowering deaf youth

OR Go to Uber Eats to Order Vegan Foods?

Want our vegan breakfast delivered to your door? Or want to order from our 20 item menu? Here you go….order from Uber Eats and our driver will pick up from our  our amazing Deaf youth in Durban and deliver to you anywhere in KZN.

Dr Vie Superfoods raw vegan gluten free breakfast snacks dessert ice cream order on uber eats in KZN

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Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity Ch 1 Audio

Taming The Female Impostor Book of secrets

How Can We Rescue Humanity During Crisis and Challenges?

Book of secrets to rescuing humanity a must read in times of challenge and world crises. How to empower your mindset to one of super consciousness. 

This first chapter is read by Dr. Vie, the author.

To get the 292 page soft cover work book in USA, Canada, South Africa please click here.

Book a session with Dr. Vie now!

Benefit from a live call with Dr. Vie

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Human Cure for COVID 19 : a test of humanity

COVID 19 Human Cure

COVID 19 Human Cure

Human Cure for COVID-19 !

part 1 of 4

COVID-19 The human cure 

Health comes first, really? 

For centuries humans have incrementally focused on status, power, financial strength and economic ratings. Over the past 75 years technological advances and space explorations boomed concurrently with vast spending on military power and wars.

Healthcare was barely visible on the list of priorities, even though we knew well of the worst pandemic in human history the Spanish flu of 1918  that infected 25% of the  world’s population, approximately 500 million with at least 17 million deaths!

Lessons from the Spanish Flu

Evidently originating from the H1N1 virus. The tragedy was compounded by poor healthcare facilities, overcrowding, and inadequate food supplies leading to rapid bacterial infections and superbugs.

The first wave hit the most vulnerable and the aged over 65, but as those with symptoms were sent back into the communities because of labour shortages, insufficient doctors and nurses and essential workers, the second wave emerged attacking the young adults….as the virus mutated and evolved even those younger than 5 years old. By the end, it lowered the life expectancy by twelve years! Imagine that…

Have we learned from past epidemics and pandemics?

With so much scientific and medical expertise and 100 years to prepare for another guaranteed pandemic since the three more pandemics,  today at the start of 2020 we remain ill prepared, and still don’t have the necessary healthcare systems to manage the novel coronavirus pandemic of this decade, let alone have a cure for COVID-19!

New Coronavirus in 2020

At the time of this article, since December 2019 we’ve surpassed half million with over 680,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in 199 countries, with +30,000 deaths to reveal astonishing inadequacies of the world’s health care diagnostic, treatment and management systems even in the most advanced nations of USA, UK and in EU countries which the rest of the world’s developing citizens spent their lives aspiring to. 

The penetration and outcomes of the current coronavirus varies. To date USA has the highest number of infections globally, with NY and CA states as their current battlegrounds. Countries had watched and learned as Singapore was the first nation outside of China to confirm a COVID-19 case with 732 cases and only two deaths!

A Virus that Targets Everyone!

COVID-19 targets anyone and everyone it meets in passing…or prolonged social encounters. From no symptoms to mild or severe to fatal symtoms…those who survive severe attacks, may have compromised respiratory organs.

The new coronavirus has spread with vengeance across continents like never before seen. A pandemic that doesn’t discriminate against a Prince, Prime Minister or casual worker. A virus with no medical cure at this time.

Race for a cure for COVID-19

It’s is a race against time as scientists grapple to formulate a vaccine, before the virus mutates, creates many more waves of infections and becomes resistant.

We are told it may take at least a year for a validated vaccine. What happens in the meanwhile?

What if  there is hope…right now?

Human cure for COVID-19 right now.

Yes! It depends on how much do we want the cure?

What of our daily comforts are we willing to sacrifice for the cure?

Are We willing to personally volunteer our time into the cure which stands before us?

Let’s explore what the human cure for COVID 19 is all about…..and know that you determine whether you want the cure or not.

We can stop the spread and kill the virus in its tracks …read more

Because we seem to know how it spreads, and have some idea of how  long it lingers in the air, on surfaces and in a human body. But to stop the spread we need something very important….

+7 billion humans to donate a few months of their routine lives…read more

But to do so, we need the +7 billion humans to donate a few months of their routine lives:

  •  to stay in their homes while practicing personal hygiene, cleanliness and physical distancing,
  • to be tested, and open to tracing contacts of those infected,
  • quarantine of those infected
  • hospitalizing of serious cases

At the same time we need the following…read more

  • Protective gear PPE for those essential persons outside the homes.
  • New PPE for every health care worker to protect themselves and prevent the continuous spread of the virus from patient to patient.
  • The entire human spaces outside of homes to be sanitized.
  • Testing of symptomatic cases with contact tracing of confirmed cases, testing quarantine and treatment.
  • Sufficient water, sanitation, non crowded housing, healthy food and basic essentials for every person.

It can only work if we have …read more

The entire human race focused on a common goal to get rid of COVID-19 before it mutates to a nastier bug. Every person in each home must be 100% committed to do their part religiously every second of every day during the few months….but the question is….

The Human Problem Revealed:

We seem to want an easy way out of COVID-19.

We want someone or something other than ourselves working hard to stop the spread.

We want a a vaccine which may be a year down the road. 

Or we pray for another power to take away the virus.

All the time we seem to be okay to continue our habitual routines, even if it means losing thousands of humans and disrupting billions of lives until either a vaccine or a holy power gets rid of the coronavirus.

Intelligent Human Cure:

This not a movie….each day we witness  in our provinces/states and on the news terrible havoc in over 199 countries. This is not a video game we can pause while we get a bite to eat, or switch off at a click.

We are at a time in our lives when one person’s future is dependent on the health of the rest of his/her family, next door neighbour and community.

The cure for this pandemic will work only if each and every human is committed to one vision: to defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible, and help every other human to rapidly to have the same vision and do it.


“Be the cure you want to see in the world,” adapted from Mohandas Gandhi.

Part 1 of 4

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Lockdown Will Defeat COVID-19 only if you are 100% committed!

Lockdown will defeat COVID but only if you are 100% committed. Are you?

If your country has initiated a lockdown in light of COVID-19, you know that to stop the new coronavirus from defeating your country and humanity, you need to step up to the plate and focus 100% of your efforts into ensuring that your country defeats SARS-Cov 2 instead.


There comes a time in one’s lifetime, when a global calamity strikes…be it a natural disaster that hits at the heart of every human, or a man-made disaster like WW2 or the new coronavirus that was allowed to infect our species.

When such a pandemic arises, and there is a call for each human to rally forward and help conquer the enemy, what are you intending to do?

During LOCKDOWN, It’s now or never. THIS IS IT MY FRIENDS.


Will you ignore the call?

Will you view the 3 weeks as the perfect paid holiday time to unwind, or catch up on sleep and movies, engage in projects around the house, spend more time exercising outdoors, take your dog for a walk, enjoy bbqs, freqeunt your community pool and clubhouse?

Will you rise to the front lines

Are you a health care worker, like the brave Dr. Li Wenluing who tried to alert the authorities about the new virus, only to be quietened…and lost his life while trying to help patients? Are you dedicated to saving lives as you work tirelessly, knowing that you may also become infected or even lose your life as hundreds of health care workers have already done?

Will you adhere to social distancing, safe hygiene practices, and stay within your home during the lockdown 

If you are not in the various tasks forces steering the fight against COVID-19, are you doing your bit to stop the spread of the virus, because  you know that you are vital to the battle against COVID-19, and that this virus cannot be extinguished without your help. Are you most of all staying within your home during the lockdown.

Are you supporting those around you to stay the course?

You know that many people may lack the vision to realize the enormity of the pandemic. Are you helping to educate them and help them join the fight, because you know that if they don’t then people around you will be spreading the virus which will eventually be fatal to the most vulnerable. Are you helping to support the vulnerable around you, aged, ill, scared, challenged…to have enough basic supplies? Perhaps a friendly phone call to help boost their morale?


What are you doing during the lockdown in your country, be it among the over 1 billion Indians in India, or the over 50 million in South Africa?

About half of world’s population is on lockdown, in a desperate bid to vanquish the invasive virus.

You may think that this cause is a new one, and why address it when we have not done anything about so many other causes.

We may also be concerned about the plights of those challenged by poverty, wars, physical disadvantages, abused, ….

This  does that mean that one challenge is more important than the other, and that we can only address one cause at a time.

The power of love

As highly intelligent humans we can love as much as we want, at any given time, because there is no limit to love.

To step forward and help in crises, is the power of love.

It is what each religion and spiritual leader hopes you will live in… Jesus the Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti, Judaism…

Love has no limit, but it can be limited…if you become limited. 

The power of consciousness is within you

This is the true nature of being human..unlimited love….which is the power of our sense of consciousness…which is far more potent than material possessions, physical beauty, status or number of likes on one’s photos.

Are We 100% Committed to Defeating COVID-19 During the Lockdown?

What happens after the 3 weeks?

Will the number of new cases decrease?​

Will we have stopped infecting people?

What happens after the lockdown depends on each and every human’s actions during the lockdown.

3 weeks of one’s life at home, in exchange for defeating COVID-19

We are being given a chance to defeat this virus…

We are at an advantage…because we are not the firsts…

We’ve seen what’s happened in countries that experienced the invasion of the virus before us.

We’ve learned…or have we?


We know how China, a country of over a billion, defeated COVID-19 with a lockdown in which every citizen stayed indoors for over a month.

We know how Italy, now with 69,000+ cases, failed to heed the warning, and now has over 6000 deaths, over double that of China!

Spain also delayed in its action, and  now has over 47,000 cases and rising deaths.

USA (the most advanced country on Earth) because of delayed action, has over 55,000 cases with New York city, the most progressive city on Earth having uncontrollable virus spread and deaths.


We must understand a vital aspect of the pandemic:


For most no symptoms manifest. Others experience mild symptoms. Yet others may have symptoms but are too afraid of bringing it to the attention of authorities. If you are negative today, doesn’t mean you will be negative tomorrow!  View yourself as a threat,  and save millions of lives.


For every person you infect they in turn are putting at risk 3 others lives…you have the ability to infect at least 3 people…at least.

Understand this: because of the number of people we pass by or interact with or leave our infected droplets on surfaces they will touch within a few hours….a simple number of 3 infected people can within a few weeks rise exponentially to thousands and thereafter millions.


Lockdown will defeat COVID but only if you are 100% committed. Are you?

Lockdown will defeat COVID but only if you are 100% committed. Are you?

Sacrifice 21 Days versus a lifetime?

 If at a time of such a crises, during this lockdown we insist on leaving the confines our home and garden for exercise without knowing if we are infected….we will put the lives of at least 3 persons at risk. Exercise at home.

If we insist taking the dog out of our flat/apartment or yard for a walk, without being tested and being virus free, we risk endangering the lives of our community. Keep the pet you love at home and spend quality time with him/her…your pet can survive without “exercise” for 21 days.

If we insist on swimming in a community or clubhouse pool, without knowing for certain we are not infected, we are putting at risk the lives of people in our community. You will not be harmed if you don’t swim for 21 days.


If we insist on regarding the 21 days as a paid holiday and burn fires to BBQ / braai, we are forcing people around to breathe in toxic fumes, at a time when they need to be increasing their immunity and protecting their lungs and respiratory systems.

Then my friends we have failed to do our part to defeat this virus.  We can cook indoors and help save lives…even if it is for just 21 days.

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Human Rights Day 2020 Time to Introspect Respect Protect

human rights 2020 time to introspect protect against covid-19 coronavirus

When words of ancient wisdom are forgotten due to the lower mind

“Human rights day 2020 is here…not only for the poor, discriminated, abused, violated, shunned, bullied….but today also for you!”

 Dr. Vie

Knowledge and intelligent systematic action is power against coronavirus

knowledge and intelligent systematic action is power against coronavirus

How we got here?

With over 250,000 confirmed cases of humans infected with coronavirus worldwide and over 10,000 deaths, with counties, states and nations almost shut down, we are taken back in time to December 2019 when the deadly virus was first recognized due to a spate of wild-life trading in Wuhan Market in China.

But the lethal virus had already been active before then… freely circulating and becoming more and more intelligent undetected, under cover.

Within 2 months of detection, COVID-19 found its way about planes, ships, trains and cars to every continent, ravaging humanity on a global scale, indiscriminately…

Previously human rights seemed to be only reserved for the poor, refugees, immigrants, women, gender discrimination, disabled.… . Human rights was a cause the rich could get involved in through their charities and feel important.

But today on human rights day 2020, human rights is being revisited by those who have previously watched from a distance.  

We all have the human right to live in safety and to be healthy.

The systems we worked hard to put into place need to support every human’s right to health and safety, everyday, everywhere, and no one should be excluded.

Dedication to the health and safety of one’s citizens is paramount….the strategy worked in China:

China’s cases grew exponentially within two months, but luckily due to their aggressive country-wide commitment to combat the invader, their citizens are now on the mend.

Sadly while the lesson-to-be-learned  by humanity was unfolding, in the rest of the world it appeared to be a distant problem, in another country.

Local leaders tried “not to panic” their people, and left themselves open. So the invader was able to  enter their borders and spaces, again spreading freely, but now in new countries…unstopped…

Today Italy’s dead surpass that of the massive country of China!

Today on Human Rights Day, we reflect, introspect and wonder about the fragility of humans, and the human right to health and safety…on every continent, in every home and on the streets, for everyone, everyday, 24/7.

The Human Problem:

We can fight against COVID-19 BUT:

Individual citizens are not fully committed to play their role in stopping the spread.

Some are waiting for leaders to make drastic authoritarian announcements.

Some even defy the new laws effected by their leaders and Heads of States. 

The don’t care attitude will wreak havoc and result in exponential spikes that will collapse the health care systems, economy and more.

The Conscious Solution:

The coronavirus is spread by physical contact- jumping of the virus from an infected person to a healthy or uninfected person.

Medical and scientific findings have revealed that the only way to stop the virus from jumping onto a human, is to limit physical contact between persons and to sanitize everything.

To flatten the curve (stop the peak in the infections) we must distance ourselves for a set period, and cleanse ourselves and environments religiously.

If each human can commit to distancing and cleansing, we will overcome COVID-19

stop covid-19 physical distancing protects prevents spread coronavirus

Easy as it may seem to do, why aren’t humans committing to save humanity? 

The issue is that the conditioned human mind can be difficult to manage and reroute to a proper course of action.

With learning and training, self-motivation can be rejuvenated, and we can all actively play vital roles in getting rid of the new coronavirus,  

  • We can slow down the spread, and as we do so 
  • We can help infected people recover quickly, and
  • We can lower the number of people infected and 
  • We can increase the immunity of those uninfected.

We can rescue humanity.

Please do take advantage of Dr. Vie’s free online 7 Day Hygiene Course Against COVID-19.  Knowledge is power, and when coupled with intelligent systematic action COVID-19 will be stopped.

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Covid-19 Why Now? How to contain coronavirus?

How to Protect contain stop the spread of Covid 19 coronavirus

🌍States of emergencies have been declared in several countries as measures are put into place to contain Covid-19 and #stopthespread.


For the first time since South Africa abolished apartheid, yesterday it declared a state of national disaster in response to the sharp increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus infections from 1 to 61 within 10 days and the start of community transmission.

Bravo to countries that are beginning to address the seriousness of this pandemic that is threatening the very existence of humanity.

These are challenging times that will test the morale, common sense, mental health and compassion of every human on our Planet.


Which human will be the one to religiously do his/her part in stopping the spread of the virus?


Which of us will insist on trips or vacations to infected areas because of cheaper flights or holiday packages, without a care about infecting entire communities and even loved ones on our return? As we know this is how coronavirus spread out of the epicenter in Wuhan China to over 150 countries.


Which of us will takes steps to ensure that our elderly, the most vulnerable, are protected, nourished, cheered up and taken care of during the pandemic?

The status quo and the very tightly woven fabric that holds the citizens of highly developed nations together is being questioned…as they discover there’s insufficient accessible testing kits, to trigger the first step in the health care system…diagnosis!

Should health or money-status-power take precedence in our mission of life?

Is the hole we are in now, one that we’ve blindly dedicated our lives to digging which such enthusiasm in hopes of a great life?

Time for a change my friends…time for a rethink

TIME TO RETHINK…our purpose of life,-to rethink our goals in life,-and to rethink how we spend our precious time on this Planet that if you didn’t know, we actually also happen to occupy alongside billions of other species. 🧐