March 16

Covid-19 Why Now? How to contain coronavirus?

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🌍States of emergencies have been declared in several countries as measures are put into place to contain Covid-19 and #stopthespread.


For the first time since South Africa abolished apartheid, yesterday it declared a state of national disaster in response to the sharp increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus infections from 1 to 61 within 10 days and the start of community transmission.

Bravo to countries that are beginning to address the seriousness of this pandemic that is threatening the very existence of humanity.

These are challenging times that will test the morale, common sense, mental health and compassion of every human on our Planet.


Which human will be the one to religiously do his/her part in stopping the spread of the virus?


Which of us will insist on trips or vacations to infected areas because of cheaper flights or holiday packages, without a care about infecting entire communities and even loved ones on our return? As we know this is how coronavirus spread out of the epicenter in Wuhan China to over 150 countries.


Which of us will takes steps to ensure that our elderly, the most vulnerable, are protected, nourished, cheered up and taken care of during the pandemic?

The status quo and the very tightly woven fabric that holds the citizens of highly developed nations together is being they discover there's insufficient accessible testing kits, to trigger the first step in the health care system...diagnosis!

Should health or money-status-power take precedence in our mission of life?

Is the hole we are in now, one that we've blindly dedicated our lives to digging which such enthusiasm in hopes of a great life?

Time for a change my friends...time for a rethink

TIME TO RETHINK...our purpose of life,
-to rethink our goals in life,
-and to rethink how we spend our precious time on this Planet that if you didn't know, we actually also happen to occupy alongside billions of other species. 🧐


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