April 7

Fortunate even during COVID-19 Pandemic? Really?

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Billions of fellow humans over the centuries have endured hardships that have tested their very existence....and millions have lost their lives because there was no way out. In 2020, billions still suffer from lack of basic needs: shelter, food, water, sanitation....

Fortunate Today Even Though COVID-19 is here?

Today, we are fortunate even though we are faced with a pandemic.
We are fortunate because we have a way out from the grasps of this invisible enemy, the lethal SARS-Cov-2 named as COVID-19, that is attacking our species around the globe with great vengeance.

We are not helpless.
We are not alone.
We are not conquered.
We CAN defeat the novel coronavirus...

But it takes a special human to see the light and commit 100% to win the battle.

Yet this time, that one human will not be enough. Not this time.

This battle against SARS-Cov-2 needs EVERY human on Planet Earth to donate their time, energies and mental and emotional strength, and to be fighting the same battle, unified, 24/7.

What's a few weeks or months of your life sacrificed, if you know you can restore your entire life?

During just a few weeks or months of lockdown, we need to reflect on life....to see the light.

Have You Endured Trauma During Your Lifetime?

Perhaps you did not live through WW1 or WW2 or the hundreds of wars still raging around our planet.
Perhaps you have not been homeless.
Perhaps you have always had some money to buy your basic food.

Perhaps you have not found yourself, on your own in a foreign land, with no home, no food and not knowing what will happen next as you fear for your life.

Perhaps you have not been running with your family each day as bombs explode around you.

Perhaps you were not in New York during 911 and experienced the physical, mental and emotional shock of uncertainty.

Perhaps you were not in Japan during the Atom bomb.

Perhaps you were not a Jew in the holocaust.

Perhaps you have never experienced an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado or volcano.

Perhaps you were not assaulted during apartheid, or due to gender violence or because of your orientation.

But friend, there comes a time in one's lifetime when one is faced with an unimaginable challenge...such as you are experiencing today.....

But you are fortunate....yes you are very fortunate today....because we know we can overcome this.....you are not alone...billions of humans around out planet are experiencing what you are....some in worse situations than you.

Can You Imagine?

Imagine the poor in India who were given just 4 hours to return to their villages across the country...before lockdown? Walking long distances with children...with no food, no shelter...and being beaten by the authorities....

Imagine the poor in Africa who are homeless, have families and are forced into crowded tents, stadiums or shelters without dignity....

Imagine the immigrants, refugees in Eastern Europe and Middle East who now have one more war to add onto the wars they are already in?

My friend if you have a home amid this pandemic...you are the lucky one....and all you have to do 

If you are not an essential worker then ...

All we need from you is to stay at home, do not leave your apartment/flat or own backyard unless to buy essential food and medical supplies. You need to practice personal hygiene and safe distancing. If you feel ill contact your health care worker. If you are positive for COVID-19 isolate and follow the guidelines. 

Just by doing so you will support the thousands of doctors, nurses, health care workers, volunteers, security forces, and essential workers to protect lives and keep us going.

Only you can defeat COVID-19. ONLY YOU my friend.

From your Scientist and Humanitarian Dr. Vie


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