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​Welcome my dear! I'm so happy you are here today.

​Here is a quick START UP GUIDE to get you going, and to guide you along at anytime.​

Find Your Way Inside Your Super Conscious Gold Membership?

  • You have access to your Healthy Brain, Body, Mind-Spirit Courses.
    • Get to them by clicking on the Training/Courses tab above.
    •  Start with Level 1 and as you complete the lessons therein, continue to Level 2 and Level 3. The lessons are spaced out over several days to a week. Why? For two main reasons.
    • Firstly my extensive research and experience as a Professor shows that small chunks of information are more easily remembered.  
    • Secondly, you need time to reflect on what you have learned and to form your own neural connections.
    • Finally, you need time to practice the techniques that are shared with you.
  • Your Gold Membership Level gives you access to monthly Radio Shows Replays and Live Stream Replays. 
    • Access the Radio Shows Replays from the RESOURCES tab.
    • Access the Live Stream Replays from the RESOURCES tab.
  • Join our monthly live stream sessions through the invitation notice each month. 
  • Access your one Personal Assessment from the RESOURCES tab above.
  • Upgrade your Membership at any time to take advantage of the added benefits of Group Support, Event Replays, monthly Personal Assessments, and Group Chats as well as Member discounts.
  • For any Technical Issues, click on the Support tab and send in your request.
  • Remember to LOGOUT every day, to keep your information private.

​I am so happy you are here today. Right away access your training lessons at your own pace, as soon as each lesson becomes available. For the best benefit of your membership, be sure to join our monthly live stream shows, access the monthly Radio Replays, and complete your Personal Assessments.

Lots of love and hugs, 


Dr. V​

Whether someone is at the level 1 at the unconscious level or at level 4 at the conscious level there is room for expansion through to the super conscious level 7.