March 21

Human Rights Day 2020 Time to Introspect Respect Protect

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When words of ancient wisdom are forgotten due to the lower mind

"Human rights day 2020 is here...not only for the poor, discriminated, abused, violated, shunned, bullied....but today also for you!"

 Dr. Vie

Human rights day 2020 is like no other. Every sector of humanity is threatened by COVID-19. Each human, even the rich and powerful realizes the fragility of human life. Are we finally beginning to rethink our purpose of life?

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Knowledge and intelligent systematic action is power against coronavirus

knowledge and intelligent systematic action is power against coronavirus

How we got here?

With over 250,000 confirmed cases of humans infected with coronavirus worldwide and over 10,000 deaths, with counties, states and nations almost shut down, we are taken back in time to December 2019 when the deadly virus was first recognized due to a spate of wild-life trading in Wuhan Market in China.

But the lethal virus had already been active before then... freely circulating and becoming more and more intelligent undetected, under cover.

Within 2 months of detection, COVID-19 found its way about planes, ships, trains and cars to every continent, ravaging humanity on a global scale, indiscriminately...

Previously human rights seemed to be only reserved for the poor, refugees, immigrants, women, gender discrimination, disabled.... . Human rights was a cause the rich could get involved in through their charities and feel important.

But today on human rights day 2020, human rights is being revisited by those who have previously watched from a distance.  

We all have the human right to live in safety and to be healthy.

The systems we worked hard to put into place need to support every human's right to health and safety, everyday, everywhere, and no one should be excluded.

Dedication to the health and safety of one's citizens is paramount....the strategy worked in China:

China's cases grew exponentially within two months, but luckily due to their aggressive country-wide commitment to combat the invader, their citizens are now on the mend.

Sadly while the lesson-to-be-learned  by humanity was unfolding, in the rest of the world it appeared to be a distant problem, in another country.

Local leaders tried "not to panic" their people, and left themselves open. So the invader was able to  enter their borders and spaces, again spreading freely, but now in new countries...unstopped...

Today Italy's dead surpass that of the massive country of China!

Today on Human Rights Day, we reflect, introspect and wonder about the fragility of humans, and the human right to health and safety...on every continent, in every home and on the streets, for everyone, everyday, 24/7.

The Human Problem:

We can fight against COVID-19 BUT:

Individual citizens are not fully committed to play their role in stopping the spread.

Some are waiting for leaders to make drastic authoritarian announcements.

Some even defy the new laws effected by their leaders and Heads of States. 

The don't care attitude will wreak havoc and result in exponential spikes that will collapse the health care systems, economy and more.

The Conscious Solution:

The coronavirus is spread by physical contact- jumping of the virus from an infected person to a healthy or uninfected person.

Medical and scientific findings have revealed that the only way to stop the virus from jumping onto a human, is to limit physical contact between persons and to sanitize everything.

To flatten the curve (stop the peak in the infections) we must distance ourselves for a set period, and cleanse ourselves and environments religiously.

If each human can commit to distancing and cleansing, we will overcome COVID-19

stop covid-19 physical distancing protects prevents spread coronavirus

Easy as it may seem to do, why aren't humans committing to save humanity? 

The issue is that the conditioned human mind can be difficult to manage and reroute to a proper course of action.

With learning and training, self-motivation can be rejuvenated, and we can all actively play vital roles in getting rid of the new coronavirus,  

  • We can slow down the spread, and as we do so 
  • We can help infected people recover quickly, and
  • We can lower the number of people infected and 
  • We can increase the immunity of those uninfected.

We can rescue humanity.

Please do take advantage of Dr. Vie's free online 7 Day Hygiene Course Against COVID-19.  Knowledge is power, and when coupled with intelligent systematic action COVID-19 will be stopped.


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