Hygiene Basics

Hygiene Basics

6 Lessons Easy

About this course

In this free online health and safety during COVID-19 course, by scientist Dr. Vie, you will learn vital information about the new variants of coronavirus, how it affects you, and the essential Standard Operating Procedures/Protocols (SOPs) for you to practice to help stop the spread of the deadly pandemic, save lives & jobs.

Why you need Dr. Vie’s COVID-19 Health Safety Hygiene Course?

Since the beginning of 2020, humanity has been living in unprecedented times, in the throes of a global public health emergency that is affecting every human around the planet.

Humans could have been safe and successfully overcame the invisible virus even during the 2nd wave, by understanding what we were dealing with, and learning and mastering the skills to beat it as soon as possible. But we did not.

We encouraged the virus to evolve, become more intelligent, develop variations in many countries, and become stronger and more resistant to our natural immunity and vaccines.

As this is a novel virus with many variants from Alpha, Beta, Delta and more, scientists have been discovering more about the pandemic on the fly. This means  you need updated information on how to go about your daily life safely while protecting loved ones even as vaccines are made available.

Knowledge is your greatest strength during these challenging times, and wise actions are your best defense to save lives and shape a better world.

Your knowledge and actions can be the strong antidote to the COVID-19 : to prevent you and loved ones from getting and transmitting it, help those who already had or have it, and to stop similar man-made tragedies from striking the planet again.

What we must remember as we gain intelligence is that if this virus is not stopped, this pandemic will be fatal for certain groups, for instance those with compromised health, illnesses, the vulnerable (including the poor), front line and essential workers, and the senior aged populations.


In your  free basic hygiene COVID-19 course  you’ll be able to immediately start to use powerful yet simple Standard Operating Protocols or Procedures (SOPs)  to defend against this deadly virus and its variants and be prepared against similar  disasters

You can learn at your own pace within the 7 days, or complete the course as quickly as you wish.

“No one is safe, until everybody is safe.”

Each person who enrolls can ask Dr. Vie questions within the chat.

Additionally each person who enrolls and completes the course, can tune in live with Dr. Vie each week for questions and answers.

Do benefit from this free life saving course and empower yourself and loved ones.

Course Structure


Welcome to your Online COVID-19 Course

Welcome to your Online introductory Basic Training For Covid-19 dear [wlm_firstname]. 

This 7 day course is an easy text based introduction about the public health pandemic, symptoms, and what you can do to stop the spread and help yourself and loved ones.

On completion you can join the online live chats with your questions for your professor Dr. Vie Health Scientist and Humanitarian, and interact with other members.


Understanding Coronavirus Covid-19 and Variants

How Coronavirus Travels and Gets To You?


How Well Are You Protected Against Variants?

Avoid coronavirus contamination with proper hygiene


How To Prevent Transmission of Covid-19 and Variants

How To Prevent Transmission of Covid-19?


Empowering Yourself During Crises

How To Help People Around You During Coronavirus Outbreak?


The Power of One To Stop The Virus

After The Basics How Can You Join The Fight Against Coronavirus Covid-19?