Group Support Calls

Monthly Group Support Calls

Do join our monthly group support calls, where we meet virtually to talk about your personal transformation,  and your self discovery within the Super Conscious Membership.

Be sure to sign up for the Group Call to receive the unique call in details. You can submit your questions and notify me if you would like to be in the Make Over Seat during the call.

NOTE: Thursday calls are at 6 pm PST with encore if you miss it. Be sure to send in your questions before hand..

Your membership includes 1 monthly group call which becomes active after the 3 week of your membership to allow you time to complete several sessions within Course 1 and begin your journey to super consciousness. If you have upgraded to a 1:1 call with me, you will receive notification for the call.

CLICK the button to register for our monthly Group Support Call.

For all other feedback, comments or chats do select the Community tab in the menu and interact there.