1:1 Advisor Calls

Monthly One On One Support Calls

Do join our monthly personal one on one support calls, where you and I meet virtually to talk about your personal transformation, your progress and how to fine tune how you are putting into practice what you are discovering within the VIP Super Conscious Membership.

Be sure to sign up for the One On One Call to receive the unique call in details. You can submit your questions before the call to further fine tune your session.

​​Your first call becomes active 3 weeks after starting your membership to allow you time to complete several sessions in Course 1 and to begin your personal journey....so our chat can be most beneficial to you.

Your call is scheduled via email. Send me an email with the days and times you are available for this month's call. Include your country, Skype details, and local phone number.

Your call is private and confidential.

For all other feedback, comments or chats do select the Community tab in the menu and interact there.