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Trapped by the lower mind causes suffering

45 minute personal transformation phone consults with Dr. Vie

292 page personal transformation book published in USA 2014 predicts the root cause of the current global crises and provides 15 techniques and tools for personal enlightenment.

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November 20, 2020

October 25, 2020

TAKE Your Journey of Self Discovery, LIVE MEANINGFULLY, MAKE A DIFFEREnce 

Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want through Dr. Vie Academy


Wanting more out of your life? Health, vitality, purpose, happiness, joy? Rediscover yourself at your own pace, through online discovery seminars and guided tools with scientist and mentor Dr. Vie

Within the members area find seminars about basics that each human must know about brain, body, mind, spirit, healthy foods, exercise, and relationships, family life, social life, powerful work career paths, meditation, and super consciousness.

fair member PRICE at dr. vie academy

Benefit from free online courses during your membership, as well as especially designed courses and workshops to boost your life by optimizing your unique potential no matter where you are in your life journey or in the world. Whether you are experiencing a crisis, a crossroads, a block or a lack o can rejuvenate your life within your budget through the online courses and books and consultations.

In your monthly membership learn through text, VIDEOS and Audio modules plus live chats with dr. vie

Watch video seminars, listen to audio sessions and opt for text based read along modules, as your need prescribes.  Accelerate your progress with one on one live calls with Dr. Vie

Your Journey To A Better Future starts here...

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Do you wish for a better life?

Is this as good as your life gets? Or are you feeling that there is more to your life than all you have experienced up to now?

Do you wish for a meaningful life?

Do you get up each morning enthused about your upcoming day? Are you optimizing your life potential, your gifts and nurturing the hidden talents?

What if you could boost your life?

If you had the opportunity to explore your talents, your gifts, your ability to do much more than what you have been doing...would you take it?

Small Steps for You, giant steps for your life

No matter the amount of time you have to start your journey of self discovery, no matter the amount of money you have to invest in boosting your life, you can begin to take the first small step to a better life.

Meet Your Professor Dr. Vie

A life-altering experience in Africa at age 16 set her on the journey of a life-time. On her own in foreign lands, away from familiar faces, languages and cultures....specializing in special needs education and hearing impairments, branching into medical devices and implants, to natural health scientist, on her roller coaster path of self-discovery in the thick of life's challenges around the globe to Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. No Guru, nor Guide....inspired by her inner motivation streaming with the flow of consciousness....called life. C'est la vie (that's life!) Focused on restoring dignity, equality and equal opportunities for the sharing her scientific expertise, discoveries and guidance. Today find her empowering health and safety during COVID-19 through free online courses, and live weekly calls. Join the course, join Dr. Vie and empower your life and make a difference.

Health scientist, author, serial entrepreneur, mentor, pioneer of vegan superfoods, humanitarian skills training and wholesome jobs programs in Africa....and more.

Dr. Vie

Professor, dr. vie academy

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 Suited my rushed on-the-road lifestyle. What I enjoyed the most was the ability to introspect about my own life after each lesson. Personally I used the audio sessions the most. That coupled with the monthly talks with Dr. Vie spiraled my life to another dimension. I benefited from new perspectives, a fresher outlook on the future and self-motivation. Highly recommended, even if you travel.

Jeffery liam

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