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Human Cure for COVID 19 : a test of humanity

COVID 19 Human Cure

COVID 19 Human Cure

Human Cure for COVID-19 !

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COVID-19 The human cure 

Health comes first, really? 

For centuries humans have incrementally focused on status, power, financial strength and economic ratings. Over the past 75 years technological advances and space explorations boomed concurrently with vast spending on military power and wars.

Healthcare was barely visible on the list of priorities, even though we knew well of the worst pandemic in human history the Spanish flu of 1918  that infected 25% of the  world’s population, approximately 500 million with at least 17 million deaths!

Lessons from the Spanish Flu

Evidently originating from the H1N1 virus. The tragedy was compounded by poor healthcare facilities, overcrowding, and inadequate food supplies leading to rapid bacterial infections and superbugs.

The first wave hit the most vulnerable and the aged over 65, but as those with symptoms were sent back into the communities because of labour shortages, insufficient doctors and nurses and essential workers, the second wave emerged attacking the young adults….as the virus mutated and evolved even those younger than 5 years old. By the end, it lowered the life expectancy by twelve years! Imagine that…

Have we learned from past epidemics and pandemics?

With so much scientific and medical expertise and 100 years to prepare for another guaranteed pandemic since the three more pandemics,  today at the start of 2020 we remain ill prepared, and still don’t have the necessary healthcare systems to manage the novel coronavirus pandemic of this decade, let alone have a cure for COVID-19!

New Coronavirus in 2020

At the time of this article, since December 2019 we’ve surpassed half million with over 680,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in 199 countries, with +30,000 deaths to reveal astonishing inadequacies of the world’s health care diagnostic, treatment and management systems even in the most advanced nations of USA, UK and in EU countries which the rest of the world’s developing citizens spent their lives aspiring to. 

The penetration and outcomes of the current coronavirus varies. To date USA has the highest number of infections globally, with NY and CA states as their current battlegrounds. Countries had watched and learned as Singapore was the first nation outside of China to confirm a COVID-19 case with 732 cases and only two deaths!

A Virus that Targets Everyone!

COVID-19 targets anyone and everyone it meets in passing…or prolonged social encounters. From no symptoms to mild or severe to fatal symtoms…those who survive severe attacks, may have compromised respiratory organs.

The new coronavirus has spread with vengeance across continents like never before seen. A pandemic that doesn’t discriminate against a Prince, Prime Minister or casual worker. A virus with no medical cure at this time.

Race for a cure for COVID-19

It’s is a race against time as scientists grapple to formulate a vaccine, before the virus mutates, creates many more waves of infections and becomes resistant.

We are told it may take at least a year for a validated vaccine. What happens in the meanwhile?

What if  there is hope…right now?

Human cure for COVID-19 right now.

Yes! It depends on how much do we want the cure?

What of our daily comforts are we willing to sacrifice for the cure?

Are We willing to personally volunteer our time into the cure which stands before us?

Let’s explore what the human cure for COVID 19 is all about…..and know that you determine whether you want the cure or not.

We can stop the spread and kill the virus in its tracks …read more

Because we seem to know how it spreads, and have some idea of how  long it lingers in the air, on surfaces and in a human body. But to stop the spread we need something very important….

+7 billion humans to donate a few months of their routine lives…read more

But to do so, we need the +7 billion humans to donate a few months of their routine lives:

  •  to stay in their homes while practicing personal hygiene, cleanliness and physical distancing,
  • to be tested, and open to tracing contacts of those infected,
  • quarantine of those infected
  • hospitalizing of serious cases

At the same time we need the following…read more

  • Protective gear PPE for those essential persons outside the homes.
  • New PPE for every health care worker to protect themselves and prevent the continuous spread of the virus from patient to patient.
  • The entire human spaces outside of homes to be sanitized.
  • Testing of symptomatic cases with contact tracing of confirmed cases, testing quarantine and treatment.
  • Sufficient water, sanitation, non crowded housing, healthy food and basic essentials for every person.

It can only work if we have …read more

The entire human race focused on a common goal to get rid of COVID-19 before it mutates to a nastier bug. Every person in each home must be 100% committed to do their part religiously every second of every day during the few months….but the question is….

The Human Problem Revealed:

We seem to want an easy way out of COVID-19.

We want someone or something other than ourselves working hard to stop the spread.

We want a a vaccine which may be a year down the road. 

Or we pray for another power to take away the virus.

All the time we seem to be okay to continue our habitual routines, even if it means losing thousands of humans and disrupting billions of lives until either a vaccine or a holy power gets rid of the coronavirus.

Intelligent Human Cure:

This not a movie….each day we witness  in our provinces/states and on the news terrible havoc in over 199 countries. This is not a video game we can pause while we get a bite to eat, or switch off at a click.

We are at a time in our lives when one person’s future is dependent on the health of the rest of his/her family, next door neighbour and community.

The cure for this pandemic will work only if each and every human is committed to one vision: to defeat COVID-19 as soon as possible, and help every other human to rapidly to have the same vision and do it.


“Be the cure you want to see in the world,” adapted from Mohandas Gandhi.

Part 1 of 4

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